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Welcome to Moongeeks

This story started on [January 2, 2022]

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Creative License in play.

If creatures do live on the moon, they could not wear shoes or go barefoot…

That would leave footprints.

Hence in this comic they wear simple children’s beach sand pales.

Yes, Sand buckets for shoes.

This shoe…[the “CraterMaker,” leaves only a circular prints, undetectable to Earthlings.]

Allowing the Moongeeks to go about their business undetected by the human eye.

The CraterMaker. The official shoe the Moongeeks.


IF you see anything else, please seek professional help.  Dial a shrink…@

1-800-…[Check your Speed Dial]


To: China… SO ~ You spotted a hut belonging to the Moongeeks.

Get over it. Everyone needs a restroom.


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