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This story began on Episode 25.3 [May 25, 2020]

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when my children were children [that is how I worded it, there is nothing wrong with your eyes or brain].                   Once…when my children were children…

We visited the beach for an outing. The kids knew the beach, they knew the spot…they knew our destination. We started out balancing on logs that crossed a creek, then began our trek across a rocky beach to our destination, the sandy beach, lined with driftwood logs backed by a coastal estuary, our spot.

Upon starting down the sandy beach we noticed perfectly round foot prints. Perfectly round foot prints walking somewhere in front of us, who or what had made them we hadn’t a clue. But somewhere out there, there was something and we might just cross its path.                             

The children asked, “What is it?!”




Years prior, I had observed my children playing hide-n-seek and kick-the-can and noticed how they naturally knew to hide behind things. Trees, Rocks, and Shrubbery…they just knew how to hide. I can’t ever remember telling them to do it, they just knew to get behind things so that nobody sees ‘em.

It was about this same point in time that I began to ponder the possibilities of creatures or something that would or could live upon the Moon, creatures whom could live in the shadows. A nomadic species whom could follow the shadow of the moon as it migrates across the moon’s surface as it continues its perpetual journey across the surface.

A species or society that could secretly be watching and observing our little blue planet.


I replied, “Moongeeks.”


“WHAT?!” Asked the children.




I continued, and went on to explain about the society that lives upon the moon.

A society of higher intelligence that knows that it can never leave a footprint on the moon’s surface or it would be discovered. So instead of going barefoot or wearing shoes that are traceable, it wears a round bottomed shoe that leaves a round hole. A crater. Just a crater. Crater makers, the shoes worn by moongeeks.


Arriving at our spot we spied a family just beyond, and I pointed out the youngest in the group.

He was wearing plastic pales for shoes, holding ever so tightly to the pale handles, making his mark in the sand. Not realizing that he was inspiring the imaginations of others. He just made his marks…


Again I replied, “Moongeeks.”


Footnote. If you see anything other than sand castle making pales or buckets on the moongeek’s feet, you may want to contact your local psychologist and ask them,



Remember, there is nothing wrong with your eyes or brain. 


Because Moongeeks is just child’s play and nothing more.